Cavalry Fibreglass Hard Saddlebags

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• These are the finest quality hard fibreglass saddlebags available, unique to all others on the market.

• Molds used to create these saddlebags are precision crafted on a CNC machine utilizing detailed CAD/CAM drawings, guaranteeing the same design each time.
Cavalry Fiberglass
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• The fibreglass molding of the saddlebags is done entirely by hand.

• These hard saddlebags are NOT machine made fiberglass loose fibers mixed with glue, then compressed into a mold. Loose fibers crack and shatter with light impact. Our fibers are not loose. Three layers of whole sheet fiber & potent resin are layered for this sturdy creation, AND finished with a velvet interior. Our team of 4 skilled artisans can only produce one set per day.

• There are no hard saddlebags comparable to ours on the market.
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